"So when you say, 'We knew,' the reality is you knew nothing"/"Correct."

From "Obama Defense Official Evelyn Farkas Admitted She Lied On MSNBC About Having Evidence Of Collusion/'I didn't know anything'" (The Federalist)("Former Obama administration defense official Evelyn Farkas testified under oath that she lied during an MSNBC interview when she claimed to have evidence of alleged collusion, a newly declassified congressional transcript of her testimony shows").

I looked for the story in the NYT and the Washington Post — search term "Evelyn Farkas" — and found nothing.

There are stories at Fox News — "Ex-Obama official, in released transcript, admits she didn't know about Trump-Russia collusion despite prior claims" — and the NY Post — "Adam Schiff lied about the Trump investigation — and the media let him."

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