September 2017 Art Talks Lecture Series

The Gates of Paradise, Lorenzo Ghiberti, 1425-52, Baptistery Doors, Florence, Italy

I will be lecturing at the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art on one of my very favorite works of art this September, The Gates of Paradise.  After our workshop in Florence I am newly inspired to discuss Lorenzo Ghiberti's masterpiece that I just saw in person.  I am happy to be part of this series which also includes Gage Academy of Art Artistic Director, Gary Faigin and Rebecca Albiani who has for years given the very popular art history lectures at the Frye Art Museum.  My lecture is Saturday, September 9 at 10:00am, for anyone who lives locally I hope to see you there!

Kitsap Regional Library’s LibraryU and Bainbridge Island Museum of Art are thrilled to host Carol Hendricks, Rebecca Albiani and Gary Faigin for the September ART Talks lecture Series. With decades of experience between them, each speaker has uniquely invested their time, skills and passion toward deepening their understanding of art methodologies and ideologies.  Join us as we explore three distinct and riveting topics!
Free with $5 Suggested Donation at the door
Doors open at 9:45
Lecture from 10:00am–11:30am
BIMA Auditorium


Carol Hendricks
The Gates of Paradise
Saturday, September 9th
Lorenzo Ghiberti’s seminal work, the east set of bronze doors for the Florence Baptistery, was dubbed “The Gates of Paradise” by Michelangelo for its unparalleled beauty and innovative approach to the subject matter.  In 1401 a competition for an earlier set of doors started a rivalry between Brunelleschi and Ghiberti which ignited the beginning of the Renaissance.  As a direct result the Cathedral’s dome was built, one-point perspective was invented, the first nude life-sized figures since antiquity were sculpted and a new way of thinking about art was born.

Rebecca Albiani
Documenting the Dust Bowl:  Dorothea Lange and Marion Post
Saturday, September 16th
During the New Deal response to the Depression, Dorothea Lange and Marion Post Wolcott were part of the team of talented photographers dispatched by the Farm Security Administration to record conditions in the rural US.  The two women produced a vast and impressive body of work under challenging circumstances; Lange’s Migrant Mother and Post's Tenant Farmer's Children, Rickets have become icons of the hardscrabble thirties.  

Gary Faigin
How Does an Artist Become a Legend? The Epic Journey of Giorgio Morandi 
Saturday, September 23rd
The life of Italian artist Giorgio Morandi is indeed the stuff of legends.  Never married, sharing a small apartment with his three sisters, and painting the same collection of pots, pans, and cups for almost 50 years, Morandi created a body of work unmatched in its intense exploration of the mystery of perception and the shifting nature of reality.  Gary Faigin, himself a painter of still lives for 30 years, will share his insights into the surprisingly adventurous and lively work of this eccentric and beloved master. 

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