Murals on the boarded up windows of State Street, photographed today, in Madison, Wisconsin.

Madisonians in shorts trudge past a mural of Barack and Michelle Obama that is painted on the boarded-up window of Which Wich Superior Sandwiches:


On the boarded-up window of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, a drooling troglodyte cop observes what might be a pile of burning doughnuts that give off smoke that reads — like a thought balloon — "Defund the Police":


A longer view of the side of the museum featuring an ironic "Right turn only" sign:


There's the notion that "being a revolutionary" has an element of being fun, loving, and beautiful:


There's the grievance that you can't play your music really loud without people calling the cops:


More Madisonians trudging along, this time past dripping letters that few will read, but I'm seeing "Tell the President/To prepare the bunker/When he flee/Because until we see/Justice you will/Never see peace!"


"Yes, we can!" the old President says, as a waiter sets up an outdoor café table.


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