Did Biden clinch the nomination yesterday? I don't know, and I don't really care.

He has the nomination, and following the primaries feels pointless now. Everyone seems to be backing away from the idiotic political conflict that had become a national way of life. It's time for Bernie Sanders (and Tulsi Gabbard) to end their candidacy and embrace Joe Biden as their party's nominee. It is also the case that Donald Trump is the GOP nominee.

Let's acknowledge what we already know, call off the conventions, and wait until after Labor Day to resume political campaigning. Labor Day is, traditionally, the beginning of the presidential campaign, and it would be a gesture toward sanity and reality to reinstitute that tradition.

Until then, we ought to all work together. Those who hold positions of power within government ought to demonstrate what it means to do the work of government, not politics. Democratic governors and legislators are cooperating with the Trump administration, and we ought to respect and encourage that — and reject efforts to make this the continuing political struggle over who will have power when January 2021 rolls around.

We have the leaders we have this year, and concentrating on changes so far in the future is tasteless and counterproductive.

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