How to Ensure the DJ You Hire for Your Event Is the One the Shows Up to Your Event

So you've met with your DJ company for your event, and you are thrilled with the personality and presentation of the owner of the company. He promises to be there and deliver all of your requests as promised. But why do you hear of so many party planners complaining of having a different DJ than promised at their party?

There are many couples and party planners that experience this nightmare all over the country. Right here in Connecticut alone, there a lots of multi operator DJ companies that sub-contract their serves out to other DJ's.

There are thousands of couples tying the knot each year. Thats not to mention Mitzvahs, Company Events, Birthdays, School Functions and more. This a lot of events to be distributed among DJ companies. This leaves room for large firms to double, triple and over-book themselves. When a company grows into a large operation, sometimes quality is sacrificed in the form of outsourcing work. When a company gets offered higher paying, more convenient gigs in the time before your event, it becomes a tempting and irresistible option to send someone else, sometimes a random subcontractor to your event.

The following 3 tips can help you avoid this disaster:

1. Get a signed contract from you DJ service. Many clients tend to overlook the importance of this legal document. Many of my clients trust me so much that I have to remind them to sign the contract long after I have received an on-line payment. Getting the DJ's name on the contract ensures they are legally obligated to send that person.

2. Make sure your DJ company offers a money back guarantee. This along with the DJ's name on the contract will ensure the company will do everything in its power to make sure you are satisfied and delivered what you are promised. With this in mind, despite receiving your money back, once your event is ruined, no money can fix whats already been done. This leads me to the most important tip.

3. Build trust with your DJ company. By meeting them in person and determining their commitment to your satisfaction you can build a relationship based on mutual trust.

Use these 3 tips to help determine if your DJ company has a commitment to your total satisfaction, which will help make your special day stress-free and enjoyable. Over time you will be able to distinguish a professional from an amateur by how the remain committed to helping you along the way.

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