How Doctor Who Has Survived Over the Decades

The show Doctor Who is one of those amazing rarities in television that has managed to survive over the decades. The series has spanned over nearly five decades and has maintained continual success in the BBC television science-fiction series. The long running series has included eleven different faces of the Doctor who is an extraterrestrial from the planet Gallifrey. He randomly explores the universe and through his exploration, encounters many unique and entertaining crisis' that captivate his audience and keep them in tune for more.

The Doctor Who character is an adventurer as well as a scientist. He is a Time Lord and Time Lords greatly resemble humans, on the outside. Their physiological make up, however is different. For example, Dr. Who has two hearts - something that uniquely sets him apart from humans, and gives way to a more acceptable extraterrestrial. He also has a respiratory bypass system. This is a great characteristic for the character to have because it explains how the Doctor is able to go without air for long periods of time. And, also explains his unusual staying power that is super human. He also has the ability to absorb unusual amounts of radiation and use it as power. His ability to withstand many strenuous circumstances makes the extraterrestrial character more believable. And although he has unusual ability to withstand the perils of volatile circumstance, he also shows his non human side by response to substances that are typically helpful and this is shown in many episodes. One of the weaknesses displayed was his inability to take aspirin because it could kill him but over all the characters limitations are minimal.

Because Doctor Who is a time traveler, many episodes takes him to times and eras where he is meeting significant historical figures. The setting of these meetings has allowed for many exciting and adventurous episodes with unexpected twists. But, because of the time travel as part of the storyline, it allows for unique episodes that are fully engaged.

What has sustained the show over the decades is the creativity involved. Each original storyline is distinctive. The doctor has definitely evolved over the years from a older, oddly looking man, and although they were distinguished, they were not overly attractive. However, over time, the characters have become more eye catching and attractive capturing an entirely new audience.

Shows that have talented and creative writers, that are able to sustain through changing times is rarely seen. However, audiences will follow a series or remain dedicated to it even through drastic changes of the series, like a new lead Doctor. The show will continue to triumph through its own creativity and although along the way, may lose a few loyal viewers; they will also pick up new followers. Shows like Doctor who are far and few. The success, somewhat mysterious, but the undeniable creativity and great writing lead to its ongoing ability to prevail.

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